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City Councilman and City Council President Ben Gray has served the community in Omaha and in his beloved home District 2 for near 40 years, from the early years of photojournalism for KETV news, to hosting his own Public Affairs show, Kaleidoscope, before putting his hat into the political arena, where he’s now represented District 2 for the last 8 years.

We’ve worked with a lot of the major movers and shakers making just some of the big changes happening as the city grows in these last few years, such as 75 North, Step Up, Union for Arts, The Fair Deal Cafe, and more, we couldn’t help but to notice the one consistent figure present to help facilitate much of these projects was Councilman Gray.

And he took notice of us too, telling us how much our work has meant for the community and how appreciative he is of what we can continue to accomplish.

So he asked for us to create a new website for this year’s upcoming city election, This April 4th and May 9th, so be sure you’re registered to vote. Ben, because of his more boots-on-the-ground, grassroots approach, never really had a website before so this is first for him, so a website being easy to use for everyone was the top priority for us, to make sure his message gets out to as many people as possible, but be fluid for easy expansion and growth.

We think we’ve accomplished that and more, so come check out the all new!