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New Year, New Project Ready

The Urban League of Nebraska and Whitney Young are two names we’ve become familiar with here at Surreal and with our past projects collaborating with them to create videos for employment outreach, and working with our local youth to produce multiple videos that have been shown at the main National Urban League Conference in other major cities.

This year we’ve partnered up again with Project READY, not just tell the story of Whitney Young, but to also focus on his character and who he was as a person and reflect on him in these modern times, and for the youth leading us to the future.


How To Change The World

The students working with us range from freshman to senior, with very different interests and goals. Yet we asked them to answer the same question for us,

“How will you change the world?”

Their answers, and interviews with locals with a history and memories about Whitney Young come together to tell a new story about history and figures that stood out and made a name for themselves and for the city of Omaha.

Whitney Young, To Become Great… from SurrealMediaLab on Vimeo.

Whitney Young changed the world, but that doesn’t mean his work is done, because it’s all our work, and like him, we all can become great because there is always still more work yet to be done.