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“We’re constantly adapting to new trends, new technology. The one constant is our attention to detail and our commitment to putting out work that blows expectations away.”

Jason R. Fischer

CEO |Creative Influencer

“My driving factor now is love, not fear.”

More than a decade after launching Surreal Media Lab, Jason R. Fischer has emerged as one of Omaha’s most sought-after creatives.

The agency is, for him, the natural extension of a fierce artistic and entrepreneurial mindset that broke through at the tender age of three when he started tattooing kids with a magic marker… and charging them for it.

An award-winning documentary filmmaker, go-to graphic artist and master photographer, Jason believes personally and professionally that you can be “for profit” but still be mindful of matters of humanity. He brings a sterling aesthetic, legendary work ethic and impeccable vision to every project he’s involved in.

“I don’t focus on the limitations. I think what’s possible."

Michael Ramirez

Video Editor/Motion Graphics Designer

Backed by a passion for film, an amped-up attention to detail and the kind of discipline six years in the US Navy can bring, Michael Ramirez pieces the vision together as Surreal Media Lab’s chief video editor and motion graphics specialist.

“It’s been an interesting journey...”

Michael grew up on a farm in Central Valley, CA, and began pursuing his dream of becoming a film editor and documentarian after serving in the Navy in Japan. He attended the New York Film Academy and holds a graphic design degree from ITT Tech.