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There has to be a deep, meaningful REASON for someone to engage with a cause. At Surreal Media Lab, we’ve demonstrated an uncanny ability to bring sharp focus to the “why.” As a result, non-profits of all sizes have benefitted from incredibly-effective creative campaigns that raise awareness, build empathy and get people to commit. In the end, by helping your non-profit stand out in today’s swirl of marketing and advertising, we know we’re doing our own little solid for society.

Case Study, Together Omaha, Out of Frame; Unseen Poverty In The Heartland

As Together Inc., was nearing its 40th anniversary, the organization asked us to make a documentary looking back on its history. That, no doubt, would have been good. But, after speaking with them, we determined we could achieve even more impact by focusing on the people that Together, Inc. serves and the pervasive issues of poverty and homelessness.

What’s in the box…

  • Collaboration process with staff for creative direction of the film.
  • Staying in touch, guiding their strategy on marketing.
  • Worked with internal staff to develop Social Media simple marketing plan.
  • Beautiful Illustrated Graphic Art and Movie Poster art.
  • Designing and developed billboards, magazine ads, hosting TV/Radio interviews.

During the initial screening, the audience was deeply engaged; the kind of engagement we just don’t see with straight historical pieces. The documentary, Out of Frame, has since screened several times in Omaha and at a few national film festivals.
It won a national Telly Award in the documentary field despite competition from big names like PBS and HBO. Most importantly, our client, Together, Inc., was thrilled with the results. We took a took a good idea and made it great!

Other Causes to Take to Heart.

Helping Our Veterans

Veterans make up 20% of our cities homeless population. ‘Veterans Assistance’ is working together to end it.

Native American Outreach

The Urban Indian Health Coalition provides services and housing to assist Native American people during transition periods.

Building A Healthy Food Future

No More Empty Pots is leading the way to healthy and sustainable food for the community.

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Showcase Your “Why.”

Get Others Invested.

Give a REASON for your Cause.