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'We Value Viewpoints'™


Seeing “well enough” can be good. But one’s wisdom of different perspectives makes our vision clearer, different, better…

The meshing of diverse experiences and perspectives in the workplace leads to “creative abrasion,” which induces results. Having multiple voices at the table encourages us to look at problems differently and generate better solutions.

Let us show just how valuable diversity (=perspective) will be in your company. Our diversity consulting and communications services can bring your business that much closer to greatness through diversity, both inherent (gender, ethnicity and orientation) and acquired (skills, experience and education).

Case Study, Project SEARCH, Work Their Best

Diversity comes in all forms, by definition, but also it’s in all the different ways we can work with each other. Project Search works with Medical and Hospitality industries to give work experience to differently-abled young adults.
Creating a short documentary that not only would tell their story, but have them be the ones to work on making it as well. It was a challenge new to us, but we could feel it help us see what we were making in a different light.

Our passion has always been to work with the most engaging stories we can find, from working alongside these amazing individuals, to telling the stories of historical figures that are at risk of being lost to time. The Diversity of subjects in the films and media we create can only start from our own openness to the diversity of ideas that start from ourselves. No matter what we do, it must begin with looking at question or idea in a way people just haven’t heard from before.

What’s in the box…

  • Working with the cast and put their ideas into the film.
  • Being interested, and open to the possibilities.
  • Staying flexible enough to create a different film from our starting idea.
  • Worked alongside many different professionals to develop the best finished film.
  • Showcase an award winning short documentary.

More Viewpoints to Bring Us Together.

I Do Not Use…

Poet Frank O’Neal brings a voice to those who need to hear it.

Empowerment Leadership Conference

Diverse Ideas, Diverse Viewpoints. For 8 years the Empowerment Network has brought the best and brightest to Omaha.

Step Up Omaha

The key to a bright open future is connecting our youth to new experiences.

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Diversity = Perspective

Perspective Leads to Innovation.

You down to do something BIG!?