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New Clients, New Inspiration, and new ways to connect with more people. No-profits and community outreach programs have often given us even more insight and have grown our understanding of the needs and issues of today. It’s been said that you never really work a day in your life if you love your work, and when we work together, we work HEARTer ™. Building the bridges of possibilities of perspective and the day-to-day life of ordinary people, beyond the noise.

It fits within our world of clients focused on compassion and community action, to work with a health care service provider that operates without judgment, or reservation. Planned Parenthood Advocates of Nebraska is here because everyone deserves high-quality health care, no matter your gender identity, or sexual orientation.



We worked together to create a web series of short videos highlighting the stories of people touched by their open, compassionate care, and the like-minded individuals working together to make the changes leading us to a better tomorrow.


It’s our hope that people see these videos with an open mind and an open heart. Think less about their sometimes biased opinions and instead hear the personal stories about finding the peace of mind that comes from acceptance. The coming-of-age self-discovery that gives you the knowledge of knowing who you are, and standing up to institutions over control of your own body in order to justify saving your own life.


There are these stories and so many more like them out there, around us to engage with and listen to, for worse or for better. We belong together in creating these stories, as we have been. We work towards a more inclusive world with goals, to show how more alike we are than different. As Eric says in the interview we had with them, “We all want the same thing, for ourselves and our families, our neighbors and communities thrive.”





If you want to join Planned Parenthood Advocates of Nebraska in sharing and living your values you can join the campaign here to Take the Pledge. 

With their combined work they can work together towards a future where all of their values and your values are recognized as Nebraska values.