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It’s shocking to think that we have not seen some of our closest friends in person for over 2 years.  Over the time of the pandemic, we learned that just seeing someone on-screen was not that satisfying for our social needs.

But, it’s also true that there is nothing quite like a reunion! Teaming up with The Empowerment Network once again to not only celebrate their 15th year anniversary but to meet with their biggest guest ever, “Magic” Johnson! ( But, he is still Earvin to his mother.)

Surprisingly, Magic’s visit was in the works to happen 2 years ago, right when everything shut down, and it seem like we all had to miss out on something…. Well, magical 😀 However, looking back at it all now maybe it all actually came together for the best, becoming one of the most memorable events that Surreal Media and Empowerment Network have ever collaborated to create, a showcase of success.



This was a homecoming. We might have been a little nervous. That we would be rusty, on our skills for doing video, photo and media, soon faded away as our team quickly got into pace.  As the new line up of speakers took the stage, featuring Suzan Hart and Anna Barber as well as old friends Dr. Randall Pinkett, Dr. Pam Jolly, and more, the energy was the highest we have ever seen, the entire day just flew by. Then the all-star of the day, Earvin “Magic” Johnson, truly engaged with everyone. Being open to the crowd and speaking into life a path forward we all could see ourselves in. It wasn’t just empty talk, but of him being a man of action as well. He brought a group of high school students forward to the stage, to take a knee with them on a heart to hear. The next thing you know Magic asked who was a graduating senior and granted him a full scholarship for our local Metro Community College and business internship! It was amazing to see happen live and it was a truly ‘Magical’ moment! (Ok, that’s the last magic joke, promise!)

Everyone loves to be able to start things off with a bang and be able to add another success to the portfolio. Given all the hardships we all deal with then and now, it’s been reinvigorating to know we can face them together and overcome them as a family.


That’s the real Magic.