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5 years ago a new idea began, bringing together business entrepreneurs, community leaders and industry speakers. It was time to focus on real and lasting change and growth for North Omaha.

In just 5 years, thousands of people have come together, networking with some of the best movers and thinkers of Omaha. New developments, new businesses, new ideas, and new hope blossoms and now revitalize the North Omaha neighborhood and beyond. This journey is still far from over, but it’s successes are now pushing past any of its old setbacks.

And these 5 years, this is a journey that we at Surreal Media Lab have followed and been a part of from day one. Documenting the first conference in 2012 and following the expansion of the event each year, building up to the next and capturing it all on camera for a growing audience and generations to come.

Each year we have sought out the best way to capture everything in a new fresh way. We’ve learned as much as shared the time with the community and these speakers from around the country.

With a list of featured speakers including Dr. Randal Pinkett, George Fraser, Pamela Jolly, Sondra Samuels, Eric Mahmoud, Shawn Dove, Denise Gilmore, Michael V. Roberts and with this year adding Soledad O’Brien to fold, to speak to and motivate the community to bigger and better things, everyone here is excited to see what the next years will bring.