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Years go by quickly, in a blink, one season is already turning to the next, life can fly by and the work continues on. In that busy space there’s not always much time for reflection or sometimes even celebration as work rolls from one thing to next thing. Often times it takes someone from the outside to step up, hand you an award, and say “Here, you’ve earned this.”

And then all you can do is reflect.

Excellence Awarded.


When I got the call that we had won the Greater Omaha Chamber Business Excellence Award it blew my mind, since in previous years Surreal Media Lab helped produce the videos for the Omaha Chamber for other Business Excellence Award winners. These people we interviewed  were truly amazing and I asked myself is this what I have become?  These were business both large and small being equally recognized as pillars of the community, trailblazers in commercial success, and shining a light on innovation here in the city.

In a lot of ways, Winning this award was unexpected, not because we doubt our own talents and abilities, but because while it’s fun to think of all the awards you’ll win someday, the reality is you’ll be thinking more of all the little day-to-day tasks that you have to do in order to get to the end of the day. Before you really think get recognition as the best in your field, you first think about how you’ll finish up and close the deal and keep it all together.

What is the meaning of Excellence? Is it the end goal?


When I first set out 13 years ago in the mechanical engineering field after college and not feeling like I fit in there. I had toyed around with several ideas of businesses and art but nothing really stuck. I had no idea what I was doing but had an unstoppable interest in the tech, art and design field. Looking back at it, my business beginning was somewhat of a fluke, and I had no real long-term plan except delivering great creative through different mediums that would make clients into the rock stars of what they do.

If you look it up, able to surpass or to have a quality of exceptional merit, that’s what excellence means, but it doesn’t mean the top, the utmost, with nowhere left to go higher. In that sense it’s reassuring, to know you haven’t reached the end.

Onwards and Upwards.


So, is excellence the end goal, that sign that you’ve made it? Maybe or maybe not, but what I do know is it’s the sign that I am right path and that we will achieve greater. There’s already a lot that we have done that we’re proud of, and our range of clients grows everyday, and the scope of our dreams and realities grows with every step forward.

Today with a greater vision, with more clarity and with the momentum of all the support from our great clients, our community and beyond, we are moving onwards and upwards.


We look forward to sharing this success with everyone and we appreciate every moment and opportunities ahead. We also want to send out our congratulations to our fellow winners and all their great work they’ve accomplished and works to come. Congrats to everyone!


2015 Excellence Award Winners
Aksarben Cinema
C&A Industries, Inc.
CARSTAR Auto Body Repair
Dingman’s Collision Center
Embassy Suites Omaha – La Vista / Hotel & Conference Center
The Filter Shop Inc.
Godfather’s Pizza, Inc.
Goodwill Industries, Inc, Serving Eastern Nebraska and Southwest Iowa
Habitat for Humanity of Omaha
Heartland Equine Therapeutic Riding Academy (HETRA)
Investors Realty Inc.
Ryan Jardine – Quality Irrigation
Susan Ann Koenig
Lutheran Family Services of Nebraska
Mercy High School
Nebraska Children’s Home Society
Omaha Children’s Museum
OneWorld Community Health Centers
Suji Park – Food Dreams Made Real
Paul J. Strawhecker, Inc.
RDG Planning & Design
SAC Federal Credit Union
Eric Stueckrath – Outlook Nebraska
Verdis Group
Vintage Financial Group LLC
Women’s Center for Advancement
Woodmen of the World Life Insurance Society