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In the new social media landscape, can you find news that you can trust to not be biased? Or more correctly, WHY should we be so trusting of mainstream news reporting. Do they give you ALL the facts without their own built-in biases?



North Omaha Information Supports Everyone (NOISE) was established to answer both those questions and tackle the information gap that has been growing in our communities by connecting with an underserved audience. In just a few years’ time, Noise has grown from its start-up roots into an organization that is quickly adding more staff and expanding how they distribute news.




It’s an exciting story to tell because it’s seeing the potential of how news will develop in the future. Partnering with Noise, we came together to make a video to put that honesty up to the front. Get to know everything you need to know about them and why working with them can translate and distribute the power to the community. Telling stories thru video is our specialty, so putting our brand style here was a way to see how we can unite a classic and more future looking way of connecting community over the modern generation gaps.