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Inclusive Communities in Omaha held a brunch uniting and celebrating some amazing individuals for Humanitarians of the Year. It’s more than just an award for the best salesperson or biggest profits. Instead, It’s about making the real differences in embracing diversity and strengthening community.

We got the opportunity to interview recipients of these awards and to have them and their closest friends and associates share with us all their great, compelling and heartfelt stories.


Emily surprised us, not because she’s young, but on how much she does in just the short time she joined to volunteer. Friends and others shared the passionately personal stories of someone creating their own self-improvement while lifting up huge parts of the community, both young and old.


Who is Legendary? Well, if as soon as you mention their name and everybody you meet tells you about how that ONE person changed their life before you even meet them, you know they probably qualify. We met Marta, not only a seasoned citizen, but a real living legend, and learned about how much of change happening over decades can come from that one person.

For the humanities, it not just about individuals, but ideas have there own place too, where they can take on a life of their own. Concepts that have never been done before, like the Community Engagement Center here in Omaha. Designed to bring great ideas and creative execution to many different organizations aimed at making a difference in our community. The CEC has become a model looked at to be emulated worldwide, a glowing vision now with a life all it’s own.