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Career Rockit, from the Greater Omaha Chamber, focuses on what’s the most important angle of building a successful businesses in our community.


Investing in Our Future.

Career Rockit does this by connecting students from our local schools to the business people here in Greater Omaha. While it may sound like simple common sense, the truth is one of the most vital things we need to do is insure our own successful future, to prevent a ‘brain drain’ in the city and invite the next generation to invest themselves in the community and feel empowered to be that difference our growing economy needs. CareeRockit is an initiative of the Greater Omaha Chamber and local community partners to make that connection and build the excitement of growing career options locally, right here and in time, build up and begin a new legacy.

Surreal Media, being a member of the Chamber, is an active participant in Career Rockit along with promoting it, because our mission aligns so much with their goals, a non-profit cause to develop and grow small businesses through outreach focused on diversity and innovation… well you could say we definitely ‘click’ with this idea. Speaking with others that are active as well, we worked on videos sharing the knowledge to bring more people on board, this initiative can only grow! Hearing from educators and business reps share their enthusiasm for the ideas on display.

With almost 100 schools and non-profit organizations, Career Rockit has grown year over year. With even more business employers and educators recommending even greater participation, they contiune to build excitement for students to be educated and inspired to grow their career options here in the Big O, and to develop their future talents towards an awarding future.


Our Investment.

For Surreal Media Lab, we visited the Nelson Mandela Elementary School in Omaha, with a young class of students eager to learn about arts and media. Together, we created a short film story about fairy princesses, a noble warrior, an evil empire, and tickle arrows. Lots of tickle arrows. It was a story of bravery and triumph, and an opportunity for these kids to enjoy some fun time together and learn a little bit about our what our work is in the process. Who can say, we may have started the path of ones that will eventually come up and be our replacements!

That, of course, is the beauty and the hope of the Career Rockit plan. To see, first hand, the next generation, and to guide them to greater things. That’s the future of a Greater Omaha. Now in 2019 the next year of exciting hope and outreach continues!