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What does ‘Your Reason = Our Mission’ mean?

It’s not an easy question really. Surreal Media Lab is a for-profit business that works in branding and production. The idea of a ‘mission’ is more for non-profits, community organizations, and volunteer forces.

16 years ago, Surreal Media set out to make a name for itself in media and marketing in the City of Omaha. In that time, however, as the technical issues and milestones stretched behind us, we began to look more towards what the meaning, the reasons, why we had kept blazing so bright, the reasons behind our best work, really looking to what the future had in store, and how we would define ourselves for the future.

Don’t Call it a Re-brand.

From producing dozens of shorts for dozens of local non-profit and business clients to an award-winning feature-length documentary, we have reached a point of success that most would be happy with and call it good. But, as tech and the industry changed, did we need all these new overpriced cameras, drones and such to stay relevant or are we really doing this for something else?

After a long time in thought, and long conversations around the studios, asking ourselves, ‘are we in this for something more?’ To which our answer was yes. We saw that we cared more about the stories we told, our best work came from us believing in the narrative, in the people inhabiting them.

And the thing behind that was ‘The REASON.’ Everyone has it, the reason that drives them, that makes them seek out the who, the how, and the why of an issue. From a strong community growing, we never lost sight of bringing together others visions with our own. That shared vision. That was and will always be our Reason.

So, it was time for us to unveil the true core of us for the greater good. In most business, it would be called a “Re-Brand” of the business, but the truth for us is we never changed who we are, but instead, a more focused the light on who we were all along.

So…, not a “Re-Brand,” but, a “Re-Focus.”


From Great to Greatest.

So, what does Your Reason=Our Mission mean?

Surreal Media Lab is more than just making a video, taking some photos, or build a website, that is, frankly, the basic parts. Instead we are here to build the greatest version of you. Watching, listening and refining/refocusing your story to reach new heights on were it ought to be, to connect deepest with the biggest audience it can get. From local businesses to the non-profit causes, as well as the wealth of true social diversity. Our Mission begins with Your Reason, where together, we can all become each other’s greatest strengths.

It’s those strengths that can take us all from Good to Great and from Great, to the Greatest.

That is Surreal Media Lab.