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NUSA is a national organization committed to building up neighborhoods across the United States. Their yearly conference, Neighborhoods, USA or NUSA, attracts national and international community leaders who share ideas and experiences with the goal of building stronger and more vibrant neighborhoods.

Omaha was selected as the host of the 42nd annual conference, bringing together many different local organizations and officials from across the local region and nationwide. We joined up with our friends at the Empowerment Network to take some photos of the event and document the awards ceremony and break out sessions

It was interesting and even unexpected to see so many attend all the different workshops and presentations they had, a total of 56 different workshops touching on  Stable Neighborhoods, Growing Green Neighborhoods,  Safe and Healthy Communities, Emerging New Neighborhood Leadership and even more. It was amazing to see in action and even more amazing to see the what will grow from it here in our own neighborhoods and beyond.