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Our biggest and long time collaborator and client, The Empowerment Network, recently celebrated it’s 10 year anniversary of record setting change and advocacy in the City of Omaha that has begun to reach beyond.

Long time work with them has given us a unique and special access to many of their moments of growth. This work has given us an insight of lots of footage and videos to use in creating not one, but two deeply charged videos. In commemorating both the high points and great successes of the network and a taking a look back at a timeline of all the steps, it’s incredible the amount of work it took to arrive right here at 10 influential years.

Looking back at the list of influential faces and names throughout the years, Beginning with the insightful George Fraser, to a long list of business luminaries and community outreach heavy weights like Sondra Samuels, Dr. Randal Pinkett, Simon Bailey and Soledad O’Brien and a list of even more have joined the Empowerment Network in sharing it’s message. Over the years, the amount of growth and history created and documented here create something special for the future of the city of Omaha.

It’s been an amazing ride to share along with them, we celebrate their success with 10 years and wish them an even better #Next10Years!