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Award Winning


Last year, Surreal Media Lab completed our first feature-length Documentary,“Out of Frame: Unseen Poverty in the Heartland,” and received lots of accolades and attention from everyone who had a chance to watch it and be involved with the film. And as this year’s begun, we have been awarded a Telly Award for Feature Length Documentary.


Telly Bronze Stauette

Looking back at our journey from an idea at a meeting with Together Omaha, to a long year of filming, seeking, and some uncertainty, and moments of asking ourselves if things would really come together and work out for the best.


But we pushed through, and even when had large setbacks, there were triumphs, the successes that showed that just maybe, we might be on to something bigger, something special. And now, receiving a letter informing us that our film was judged and scored among the highest in it’s category from entries from around the country, the whirl of emotions it brings up is an amazing feeling to have.




So, what are the Telly Awards? Very quickly, every year, the Tellys award the best film & video and online productions, local or regional. Award winners for this year include: Bloomberg, College Humor, DigitalKitchen, Disney, ESPN,  Huffpost Live, NBC, Showtime Networks, Team CoCo Digital, Warner Bros among a prestigious list of winners.

Simply, the Tellys are set to award new media and new ways to share what people have created with the rest of the nation, where even the ‘smallest’ local work can go on to national recognition and fan appreciation. To be standing alongside such other giants in this industry is an amazing feeling.


The Journey Continues On


Film Festival Season is upon us! It’s been a few months since our premiere, and we’ve continued having screenings with friendly partners here in Omaha, such as UNO and others. We’ve decided its time for us to take the film abroad across the country to continue to share the story of Out of Frame.

It’s the next step of an exciting journey for all of us, and it still feels a bit unreal sometimes…. surreal even…. 😉

This year looks to be full of some interesting changes in store, touring the festival circuit, and even traveling out to new cities and finding new fans and others eager to hear the important stories in the film and to open up and share their own.

It’s all larger steps to even greater heights, and it’s only just beginning.