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The Nebraska Urban Indian Health Coalition (NUIHC) began with concerned Native Americans in the state looking to address the issues and elevate the health of urban Native Americans, creating services that now address primary care, counseling, intervention, and a transitional living facility.

It wasn’t an easy journey for them,  there have been a lot of  “historical trauma” to overcome, along with all the modern addictions and issues, many of which still affect many of different nations even today.

We joined with them to tell the stories of S.O.M.S., a suicide and meth use prevention program, and Eagle Heights, a rehab and counseling transitional living facility.


Aaron, an Eagle Heights resident, talks about his journey through rehab and finding himself.


Focusing on the stories shared by people that struggled with many problems, we wanted to focus on how ‘lost’ a situation was for everyone, and how miraculous it was for everyone to keep moving forward and ‘find’ themselves at the end, and start at a new beginning.

NUIHC, through programs like S.O.M.S. and Eagle Heights Transitional Living, continue to fight for and serve a long neglected people and their problems, with a hope of creating continuing strength for all those involved.