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Tomato Tomato was in need of help. They had been too successful, there were too many consumers and farmers looking for a new way to connect with and trade goods and services with each other. There was too much growth of business and local interest, too many members signing up, and so there was really only one clear choice to make, Tomato Tomato had to be shut down.

When we ran into Jody Fritz at the Edible Omaha CSA convention, this was the problem laid out before us. As a small business, they had grown beyond the scope of what their original idea and had to transition into larger business, a bigger venture. In our meeting with them, the message was clear, from Tomato Tomato, the 360 Food Exchange was born.

Community Supported Agricultural (CSA) and similar food movements are a growing political and business concern as more and more people are looking healthier and local alternatives to the standard grocery aisle. Nowhere is this more visible then here in the fertile Midwest and the outlying farmlands surrounding Omaha. As residents of this town and Expert-Level Foodies, being asked to develop the new look of a new business with potential of real impact on what we eat, it was a real joy to be on board.


The new 360 Food Exchange logo highlights the new identity.


All projects have difficult moments or hard decisions to make, but this project was a relative joy. Being completely open about what the logo could be, the final look came together quickly, with strong collaboration and understanding of what was needed. An elegant, modern look for a transition from growing beyond the neighborhood farmer’s market.

A new business with new, expanded needs, has need of a new, expanded website. Using fresh, bright colors and images, weaving a story to support it all, and creating outlets and forums for the community to connect in new and engaging ways, the newly launched 360 Food Exchange website changes the game for everyone involved.


What has set apart this project, aside from how fast it all came together in just a few months time, is the feeling of being at the ground floor at the start of something really big and important, the start of changing how we think of food and our economy, both local and national. To be witness to a pillar of the changing world of food for all of us, in the 21st Century.