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“ ‘We Don’t Coast’ is about ‘owning’ the city in which I chose to live in, meshed with a ‘roll-up-your-sleeves attitude.’ ”     -Jason Fischer, Creative Director – Surreal Media Lab.


After months of hard work and keeping a lid on the biggest secret in Omaha,  the official launch of Omaha’s new brand has arrived. ‘We Don’t Coast’ is the work of over dozens of people, even more then the 16 creatives and Greater Chamber members. It represents the work of everyone living in this city.

We couldn’t be prouder or happier with our involvement with this momentous achievement.

When our man Jason was selected to rep Surreal Media Lab as one of core design team members, we couldn’t be more thankful to the Greater Omaha Chamber for their support and belief in our work, and bringing us onboard to make history.

This is only the first step though. The beauty of this brand is how deep it can be mined for greatness, with the knowledge of knowing we have only scratched the surface of what it can do, and where it can go.

So, do we say this is now done and that we’re finished?  Nah… because that just be us coasting off our past achievements, and


We Don’t Coast.