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One of the best things about this field is the wonderful people you meet.

Project Search is a high school transition program dedicated to to helping train and find employment for intellectually challenged youth. We came on board to work on making a short video documenting their journey and their future.

What began as a story about the success of these students graduating from an on the job training program, became something much, much bigger.  The Surreal Media Lab team and associates came int to interview the members of ‘Project Search’.  The graduates Amy, Bruce, Darrien, and Sean, had also come onboard as part of the film crew, working with us in setting up locations and equipment!  From setting up lighting, cameras, electrical and even time lapse cameras. Some even filming behind the scenes . They quickly learned along side us during the whole production, proving to us and to everyone, that they could interact and work with their regular jobs, but also quickly and pick up and learn new skills as our film crew or just about any other opportunity that they where given.

Weaving together this main ‘story’ of their jobs in hotel service along with the behind the screens footage of them working with us that grew into a full on second ‘story’ within the piece was a challenging, rewarding, and inspiring experience. The final short film premiered at the 2014 National Project Search Conference held at the La Vista Center to a large enthusiastic audience. It was touching to see how many people where moved as well as inspired.  Plenty of smiles, hugs and tears topped off with a standing room full of applause… lots of applause!

The short film is currently in mix of being featured in film festivals and other impacting venues. Watch the short sneak peek trailer here and keep and eye out for the future releases and showings.

More importantly, this film shows that inspiration can happen anywhere. Inspire others immediately!