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Multi Media, Marketing, Branding

Surreal Media Lab is the company for complete multi media and marketing. Whether its a start up of a new business, rebranding of an existing one or just need a few things for a marketing campaign, Surreal Media Lab is the best option. We’re known for the understanding the science of successful marketing.

The Power of Video


With all sorts of HD formats, SD, Pal, NTSC and other video terms it all can be a blur. With our 10+ years in experience in the video and video editing field we can help you be at ease. The lab utilizes Final Cut Pro Studio 2 for video, Adobe After Effects for motion graphics, plus a range of other industry standard softwares that ensure our videos are professional quality.

Also known as “The Lab” a multi+media & marketing company where our goal is to bring a unique experience to meet our clients needs without compromising great creative.