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This year marks a turning point for many. There’s been a sense of fatigue all around us, of staying in one place with no movement forward… A focus on things that feel stuck in place or just outdated. The thoughts and ideas that have led us to feeling tired from struggling to make that change.

During this pandemic, we were still able to work with clients to produce content that continued to be some of our personal best in storytelling. From working with Inclusive Communities and their Humanitarians of the Year, to Highlighting how EPIC for Girls is changing the future by supporting girls in their sports ambitions. Alongside OPPD and their challenge to the business community to champion diversity, to sharing the story of Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women(MMIW) and the triumph of their spirit.



Our focus on this year, in creating what the industry calls a ‘sizzle reel,’ was more than just taking this mode for granted. In what people saw as a year of broken systems and people fearing each other. We instead saw that we had an eye on the change-makers.



We looked at these change-makers, from so many different places, ages, and ideas. Yet, they all were there, working and creating new concepts and building a path to a better way. In a time where many saw struggle, we saw those who strived to help, to put forth work to make a difference in this world.





It’s in the spirit of these individuals that we instead choose to continue on creating ways to share their stories, we choose to not just beat-down or ‘doom-scroll’ people with never-ending problems, but to show you the solutions, the ones you can see finding new answers and new ways, the next ‘movement.’


We are not here to focus and judge on whether a year was ‘bad’ or ‘good’ or smugly predict if next year will be better or not. Instead, we know change is happening because we can see it, and we will be there to follow the next movement, bringing together the joy and the epiphanies present all around us and to tell the stories we all need to hear.


We keep moving forward.