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EPIC (Equal Play Inspiring Confidence) for Girls is a sports non-profit with one clear goal in mind: supporting girls in following their sports dreams in a culture that doesn’t always focus or invest in them. Proof that even in 2020 there are still long roads ahead to leveling the playing field. Coming together from all different activities and disciplines, from basketball, volleyball, dance, softball, and many others as well it with coaches and community members looking to create excellence with local athletes.

The story of Epic is one that more people in the community should know about, the better to make a difference in many girls’ lives, able to qualify for scholarships that often pass them by. Often, as cited by men and boys, the team experience allows girls to grow in confidence and sociability that turns into better career advancement, satisfaction, leadership, and quality of life. We worked together with them to make a rockstar video showcasing how great their potential can be.


Epic for Girls, along with Nebraska Hoops Elite, I AM DANCE Studio, and Starlings Volleyball Club, are making a huge difference in the lives of our girls and neighborhoods and worthy of attention and support, we had a great time collaborating with them to share this positive message with everyone.