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Some people get Aksarben right away and some don’t. Of course, it helps to be native of Nebraska (hint, hint) and sometimes you just not think about and that’s when it hits you.

Coffee can, and sometimes should, be the same way. We like to think about our coffee, plan out the right mix that we know we like, but also, honestly what we really like is to just pour out a cup and it tastes just as good as we want it to, no fuss or time spent tweaking it just right, especially when you’re on the job and you really don’t have that kind of time.

Aksarben Coffee was born out of that idea and a clever way to have the best coffee experience with the best production. Single origin, fair trade, fair price and, of course, amazing taste. One day, the 2 friends and founders were at work sipping on the typical work coffee when it hit them, this commercial coffee is so bad. Why can’t we have the kind of great coffee that we have at the gourmet coffee shops?

That was the start of Aksarben Coffee, a new local start up addressing a need here of simplifying the pipeline between coffee drinking business, and coffee making providers while maintaining high quality and taste. Such a type of business needs a branding that connects it with it’s roots in the great state of Nebraska.

Keeping to this ideal of a simple, minimal brand, but with a anchor in the rural, Ag-rich history of the state, slightly weathered and chipped but still solid and strong, with modern touches of bright engaging color and having the silhouette of the state…well, backwards. All this helps to make, we think, a brand that is solid and fresh, and can stand the test of time.

Like a good cup of coffee.