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This Thursday, in partnership with TEDxOmaha, Surreal Media Lab will be taping and live-streaming the TEDxYouth@Omaha Event for 2016. An event working with many city high schools and coordinated along with many of our school districts to bring together a truly diverse crowd of youth, representing all of Omaha’s future potential.

A diverse set of speakers are scheduled for the event, Including Professor Jorge Zuniga, Ph.D., pioneering designer and team lead of the “Cyborg Beast” project, creating 3-D printed prosthetics at a fraction of the cost. Patricia Kearns, CEO of Brain and Spinal Injury Rehabilitation Center QLI, and Sam Troia, organizer of Be The Light, and Shonna Dorsey of the Interface School.


clockwise from top left: Jorge Zuniga, Patricia Kearns, Shonna Dorsey, Sam Troia


As much as these speakers are here for the high-schoolers, we’ll be more eager to experience and hear what they have to say!  So, a big thanks to TEDxOmaha for having us onboard for this, and thanks to the Heider College of Business at Creighton and Bozell for sponsoring the event, and of course TED* itself, we can’t wait!