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A new year is always a moment to stop and think. Even more when its the start of a new decade. 2020 is significant in lots of ways. This was a decade of REFOCUS for us, deciding what we really wanted to be about. A focus on diverse innovation, branding and supporting causes, and at our core a decision to think more about the smaller things.

We work HEARTer, but before we do that, we think smaller. But why smaller?

We were all supposed to think BIG everything around us tells us so. Big, big stores, big gulps, big business. You wern’t somebody unless you were BIG. But that chase, did it get us what we wanted in the end? Better question, did it get us what we NEEDED in the end?

The feel of the country around is changing, there is real dissatisfaction with the status quo, and a part of that is movements to get to the essence of things, from buying fruit and vegatables from CSAs, to other smaller, more local businesses addressing needs that help our community or bring in more money and jobs.

This is where we’re at for this upcoming decade, with our own decade of experience under our belt. A small business that built itself with pursuing connections and hard work. Where we think ‘SmALL is for ALL.’ we are standing more solid than ever before.