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Monday, November 5th, The 1st Live Well Omaha Changemakers Summit kicked off in the early morning sunlight filtering through the large windows of the newly built 75 North Conference Hall. The brainchild of Sarah Sjolie and many others, the summit was coming together to talk about the real issues facing health specialists and reaching out to the local community. A new way of collaborating and a new way of thinking needs to be supported from the ground up, like making sure to have the right media team to share their story.


In a way, working with Surreal Media makes perfect sense, as we both look for ways to bring together as many great minds from the area as possible, and we both look to see our community grow healthier and stronger. The path there, however, as outlined by keynote speaker Natalie S. Burke, the President and CEO of CommonHealth Action, can go through uncomfortable places.


“Leadership requires constructive discomfort,” she says, even wearing a shirt stating “GET UNCOMFORTABLE,” and it’s true, it’s important to face these issues, it’s very similar to what we do and approach our own work, namely with small businesses, non-profit causes, and of course expanding and showcasing diversity for everyone.


The 2018 Changemaker Summit served to not only bring together collaborative teams passionate about health to share what they know, but it’s also another step in large changes coming through the city, one of many that Surreal Media has followed and documented over the last few years.


Change is coming, and we are part of it. Are You?