Surreal Media Lab
Design,Market, Design+Market

Corp. Branding

At the.Lab our vision goes beyond design and marketing. We bring a fresh perspective to a business’s core. The result is a relatable, impactful, and long term company brand.


Unlike some companies, we do not make you go place to place and do the project management. At Surreal Media Labs we can take all media elements and blend them in any combination for a project. Whether it’s video edit, graphics, animation, web design, or just a logo, the consistency of your project won’t be lost in the mix.

Web +Marketing

We work with all types of businesses and clients so we have tailored marketing for just about any budget. Our business development can even go so far as to include long term planning and budgeting. Just ask.

We are diverse and flexible. We believe in forming a genuine partnership with our clients. Whether an ad or a grass roots marketing campaign needs to be designed, we believe a collaborative approach will yield superior results.