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Project info

Community Supported Agricultural (CSA) Farmer’s Market ‘Tomato Tomato’ re-branded themselves this year, launching a new look, new website, and a new name.

A new Logo was designed, to highlight the changes and growth from the small business of Tomato Tomato, to the larger, mature, more encompassing nature of what the 360 Food Exchange will be. Something that was elegant and modern with just the right touch of green to accent the type.

A brand new website designed from the bottom up, to feature usability for all the farmers associated to freely post up stories of themselves and share their list of products, along with a directory of classifieds, to allow buying, selling, and trading of various goods, a community forum for all sorts of members and people interested in sustainable food and agriculture to talk and share, and a news blog for keeping up with the ever changing world of food in the 21st Century.

A turnaround time of 4 weeks from start to finish to meet a fixed launch date, it was a challenging project, but a truly rewarding and vibrant one. Read more about this project here.

360 Food Exchange Website