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Partnered With Paren’t University and Beyond…


Each community has its own little ways that it goes about all of the parts that make up its people and their lives.  So when we over at Surreal Media Lab met with the Learning Community Center of North Omaha (LCCNO) about their pilot program, Parent University, we knew how key we could be to help build awareness and engagement. Parent University was formed to help to bridge the gap in education for a section of North Omaha that was identified as needing such a boost. You see from a lot of SML’s other work that we specialize in just that. Connecting with urban communities and beyond.

LCCNO’s very own group of uniquely tailored ‘Parent University’ will be marketed by SML now. We will be connecting the fresh content of stories of success, data, events, and so much more. SML is very active in the North Omaha community and beyond. This allows us to have a clearer picture of a solid strategy fused with years of creative, innovative, marketing experience.

Surreal Media Lab is so very proud to have them as a new client and partner. We look forward to pushing both them and the community to new heights with the efforts of the Parent University of LCCNO.

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