Surreal Media Lab

jason Fischer creative director

Jason Fischer » Creative Director / Owner

Jason R. Fischer is one of Omaha’s most sought-after film makers and marketing/creatives. He has been crafting his personal design aesthetic and artistic vision for over a decade.

Born in Washington, D.C., this creative force spent his formative years in Omaha, where he found his early artistic voice in illustration and acrylic painting. Later, he started incorporating elements of graphic art into his work. As his experience broadened, Jason started dabbling in digital photography and film.

In the years since, Jason has taught himself dozens of graphic arts software programs, become a master photographer, and conquered the cutting edge components of web design. Finding an early niche in print design and magazine pictorials, over the years, Jason has become THE “go-to guy” for professional branding and film/video projects.

In 2002, he started Surreal Media Labs, LLC, which provided networking and creative opportunities across the country. This led to features in national magazines, numerous websites and dozens of business development projects.

Today, it is Jason’s artistic vision that provides the backbone of SML’s creative direction. He brings a sterling aesthetic, legendary work ethic, and impeccable vision to every project that comes in the door.


 michael ramirez editor

Michael A. Ramirez » Video Editor / Motion Graphics

He started with a career in the Navy where he earned his electronic specialist training and gained in depth attention to detail and discipline.

With a passion for film Michael Ramirez pursued his dream of being a film editor and documentarian. He attended the New York Film Academy in 2003 and received his technical certification.

He is currently a key asset with Surreal Media Labs as chief video editor, motion graphic specialist, and is a layout artist for print / magazine publications.