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Our award-winning film Out of Frame has been screened nationally at film festivals and has impacted poverty awareness in a major way. We have been selected by Ruth Sokolof Film Streams for a special screening and we are personally inviting you to join us. Feel free to bring a group and/or loved one to help support the cause.

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If you happend to catch this part we have 2 FREE TICKETS for anyone who tweets or post about the event on their own social media and tags Surreal Media Lab wins. First 2 people who email the proof wins.

OUT OF FRAME: UNSEEN POVERTY IN THE HEARTLAND follows four brave Omaha families over the course of a year as they face poverty and homelessness. Demonstrating that the most vulnerable members of society could be our neighbors, coworkers, or loved ones, the film is a powerful glimpse into the lives of the forgotten poor right in our own community.

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