Surreal Media Lab
About The Lab.
Innovative + Hard Working + Dedicated…

Who We are

We are a specialty boutique marketing and media company. Businesses, Not-For Profits, Start-ups all want media that’s not mediocre. We continuously surpass client’s expectations and that is what sets us apart from the rest. Satisfied clients are the force that keeps our business growing.

We are Philosophers

Surreal Media Lab creates unique multi+media that takes business development to the next level.

Many people believe multi+media and marketing are just simple things like brochures and commercials. We at “the.lab” know that it is far more. For example, branding does not stop with the creation of a logo; that is where it begins. It ends with the target market’s ideology being impacted.

Exceeding our client’s expectations (as is exemplified above) is the goal of every project.


We are Taste Makers

Surreal Media Lab works primarily with in house staff or ones proven quality and whose work meets our high standards.

Our aesthetic ranges as wildly as our client’s goals. The only constant is the attention to detail and commitment to quality work product.

We employ and contract only the most well vetted staff whose work epitomizes Originality, Quality, and Timeliness.


We are Doers!

We use a straightforward approach.

Transparency is key in any business relationship. Each project begins with a meeting to discuss goals, vision, deadlines, expectations, and cost. At this time we use foresight to dull any potential concerns. The transparency continues with updates throughout and culminates with an evaluation of the finished project.

Our business acumen, design skills, and transparent process have resulted in years of experience, many repeat clients, and a well-deserved reputation as an industry innovator and best value.


Keep IT  simple

We all like to be subject matter experts. But when it comes to knowing the right look, the right time, and the know-how. Experience professionals understand that working with the right creative team to make all the difference in not only the looks of a project but the perception, confidence and message of their campaign.

So, why not?

Really there’s no reason that settling for less is an option when you have Surreal Media Lab to partner with on all your creative needs. There’s no holding back anymore. Give us a shout and let it out! You will be glad you did.